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Trust Naturals to help you detox and rejuvenate!


Naturals offers 3 special manicures – Spa Manicure, Radiant Manicure and Intense Moisturising Manicure.

The Spa Manicure is a herbal manicure that uses only organic products. This manicure helps you de-stress by releasing the tension from your nerves.

The Radiant Manicure is an excellent way to whiten dull or tanned skin. Get rid of unevenly tanned skin with this special manicure.

The Intense Moisturising Manicure is recommended for dry hands. Soak your hands in a special moisturising mixture for soft, beautiful hands.

Naturals also offers various other add-on packages like a paraffin pack that promotes blood flow, relaxes your muscles and improves skin elasticity. We also offer nail arts. Our talented nail care experts can give you a classy French polish or trendy nail arts.


A pedicure is so much more than a cut and file for your nails. It releases the tension from your feet, relieving stress from your entire body.

At Naturals, we specialise in 3 types of pedicure – Radiant Pedicure, Intense Moisturising Pedicure and Spa Pedicure.

The Radiant Pedicure is best suited for tanned feet. It lighten tans and blemishes, making your feet beautiful.

The Intense Moisturising Pedicure is recommended for dry feet. Soak your feet in a specially designed moisturising mixture and watch the dryness disappear!

The Spa Pedicure is an all-natural pedicure that uses organic products, which helps soothe your nerves that leaves you feeling completely relaxed.


At Naturals, we believe that to be beautiful outside, you should start from the core. Reflexology helps keep you healthy from within, which reflects on your skin.

Our reflexologists apply pressure to your feet and hands using specific techniques without applying oil or lotion. This treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and energised!

Threading & Waxing

Our Naturals beauty experts provide basic grooming sessions like threading and waxing unlike any other. Our professionals take utmost care to ensure our customers have a comfortable and relatively less painful experience. We use only good quality products with a gentle hand.

Eyebrow threading is done keeping in mind your facial features, while a full body waxing ensures a silky smooth result. At Naturals, we use a special liposoluble wax made from resin extracts and refined oils that nourishes your skin and removes tans.

Our threading and waxing services include eyebrow threading, full body waxing, face waxing and much more.

Body Wrap

A body wrap is a spa treatment that moisturises and relaxes your entire body, and keeps cellulite away. At Naturals, we create a calm ambience with aroma candles and soft music that help you de-stress, completely.

Our body wraps are designed to leave you with soft, supple skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells and reducing cellulite.

Body Massage

There’s nothing better that a relaxing full body massage after a long week at work. At Naturals, we understand your needs and have created massages that de-stress and refresh your body and mind.

Naturals offers a range of body massages including cocoa butter massage and aroma oil massage. A body massage at the hands of our skilled masseurs will help you relax, rejuvenate and prepare for the week ahead!